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An Expert in Surgery & Orthopedics

Our essence business is in department of surgery in general mean which is rapidly evolving and highly competitive, although the demands in this field is becoming increasingly rigorous. Thanks to ASPIROM executive team; a team of experts in the business and technology.
ASPIROM is a new and young company but it is among the major market players selected by QATAR key surgeons for the expertise, professionalism and the premium service we offer, due to the sales & marketing team accumulated experience. With years of high reputation, productivity and commitment in the field of surgery.


Together with our suppliers we strive for patients’ better living and to improve local communities



◆ People
◆ Honesty
◆ Trust
◆ Performance


Business Progress History

◆ June 2018 (ASPIROM TRADING was founded)
◆ 2019…and future • Business Expansion • Acquisition many brands


Strategy and Vision

ASPIROM is seeking a leading position in QATAR’ surgical technology health sector .
To be recognized as total solutions provider in the local healthcare market.
ASPIROM aims to expand in the surgical, medical equipment and the pharmaceutical industries across QATAR and the regional markets; through marketing high-end products in close collaboration with its suppliers as well as the surgeons.
ASPIROM targets high value-added innovations to best meet the needs of patients, surgeons and healthcare facilities.
We believe that our employees are key to our success, talented and passionate people are the fuel of our business. One of ASPIROM main objectives is to be the attraction and the final destination for the highly potential individuals.


Regional Mindset

◆ With ASPIROM regional sales team activities, we have generated strong network of customers which enables us to accelerate our regional expansion


Business Goals and Objectives

• The cornerstone of the business is growth which is our main objective during the coming few years, we will be planning and focusing on growth with our partners and suppliers.
• We target business expansion through the suppliers who work with us.
• We are keen on keeping the sales team motivated & synergized.


Improving the Business Competitiveness

• By the management ability of strategic planning and by understanding perfectly the markets dynamics.
• We will continue to enhance our portfolio by partnering with suppliers booster our strategic plans.
• Open to learn from our and the others mistakes.


A Permanent Commitment to Excellence

• Formulating SOPs is in process.
• Quality assurance and product traceability systems are being developed.
• Partnering with professional regulatory team.
• Efficient inventory management system.
• Continuous learning, and persistent obligation to education and trainings for the employees and the customers.


Affirmative Action Initiatives

• Openness for any investment opportunity.
• Formed optimum service set up to cater for the orthopedics’ implants market demand on loaner bases.
• Registration with MOH has been completed.


Ethics and Compliance

• We at ASPIROM are committed to doing business with the highest integrity, and to maintain a reputation of integrity depends on the actions of everyone in the organization.
• We achieve the ethics excellence by complying with the local laws, rules and regulations, also we govern ourselves according to the suppliers compliance policies.


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